You might have noticed that it has been a few months since I wrote a decent article on the LCC website.
I took some time off, to rethink what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve. LEGO® is my passion, and writing articles about my hobby, coming from my heart, was something I loved doing the last 2 years. Sadly I did not get back what I had expected, so I had to stop at a certain point. I am no machine, nor am I one that wants to have the feeling that the scale is not in balance.

A few weeks ago, I got some replies from some of you, saying that they missed my articles. You know I always wanted to show some other sides to things, sides that a lot of us don’t think of. And also I was not afraid to speak my mind and show you what the hard reality is. I will not dig to deep into that subject now, but the main reason I quit writing, was because having the website was no longer possible to combine with the RLUG, nor with my personal view on the community.
I gave my role as ambassador to my husband since july, so I could get some rest and focus on the RLUG internally. If I will come back as ambassador is not sure yet, I will have to see if some changes occur first. The last month, a lot of new ideas popped out of my always-thinking-brain…You will all see soon what that is all about.

The website of LCC will no longer contain news or press releases. It will become a website that will inform the readers about our RLUG. (And later on with some more info regarding the new projects we are setting up, which we will keep as a secret now at the moment)

Readers who liked my articles, can read from now on my brand new websiteBrick Chick
You can read all about the whys and hows of these changes, when you click on the ABOUT ME button. For those who want, I have a brand new Facebook page as well.
I can assure you that I will continue to write adventures, reviews and cool articles based upon experiences and always with my heart, an honest view and a dose of humor. But I will no longer work 24/7 as a fool, that time is over! I will write when I want to make time for it. So my adventures continue… but no longer here on this website. With that I disconnect my personal views from the RLUG’s. How I act as an individual is not necessarily how I act as president of the RLUG LCC.
Brick Chick will be my way of showing you how I experience the hobby and how I try to make changes in our community… by being positive minded and caring, by listening and speaking and by just being me!

Everyone is different, everyone is unique…. cultivate your uniqueness!

About Author

Oprichter van LCC. Ik wilde een LEGO groep oprichten, met positieve sfeer. Een plek waar iedere AFOL in zijn waarde gelaten wordt en zijn LEGO passie op eigen manier kan delen met de anderen. Zelf ben ik minifiguren en polybag addict.

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